About VacuuPro

Our Vision: Helping you protect what matters most, your family, your treasures and the planet.

Our Mission is to provide healthy, real-world solutions for today’s fast-paced lifestyle, improve quality of life while minimizing the impact on the environment at the same time.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who desire to create the best, offering innovating cutting-edge cleaning solutions for every part of your home.

As an extension of our business family, we care about the longevity, ease of use, and convenience of your new installations. We put our heart and soul into our work because we know that our products will make your home healthier, smarter, and cleaner than ever. Born and raised in Delaware, the family run business has always taken pride in serving the community with integrity, reliability, and grateful hearts.

About VacuuPro | VacuuPro


VacuuPro was established in 1987, under the name Ranco Construction. Originally focused on home remodeling and light commercial renovations, expanded into the low-voltage world in 2006, (Home Technology Group) installing flat panel TV’s, home theater and alarm systems. We were somewhat reluctant to break into the built-in vacuum market at first, but now excited to offer the best turn-key solutions to our clients.


Today, our custom construction services have taken a back seat to built-in vacuum systems, particularly, retractable built-in vacuums. Many of our production builders, semi-custom builders and trade partners have made retractable built-in vacuums standard in their new homes. We want to be able to provide the easy convenience and immaculate clean of built-in vacuums to as many homeowners as possible. Contact us today to find out what options we have available for your new or existing home!

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