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Dedicated to serving our team members, clients and community. We understand building a great company starts with building a great team. That’s why work-life balance and personal growth are priorities that lead to purposeful lasting careers and over joyed clients. 

New opportunity for someone looking to be part of a high-performing team, VacuuPro is an excellent place to grow your career! We’re hiring.

Our Company Values

Customer Priority

We go the extra mile for our customers and deliver a “WOW” experience on every job and project with our products or services.


We learn and grow together in an honest, fair and professional environment to  create a supportive and uplifting culture.


We take pride in our attention to detail and the integrity of our work, whether it is clearly visible or beneath the surface. Because we view our reputation as more valuable than profit, we strive for excellence in every aspect; keeping our jobsites, vehicles, offices, and warehouses neat, clean and organized-always!


Because our people are our greatest asset, we strongly uphold all safety measures for the protection of our employees, their families, and our customers.


Our commitment to adaptability and flexibility in servicing sets us apart from our competitors. We work our hardest to ensure that every detail meets our customer’s needs.


We are advocates of our people, family, and relationships. We devote ourselves to not only enriching the lives of our customers, but to supporting the work life balance needed for our employees to thrive.

Working at VacuuPro has always been a pleasure. With a reasonable work hours and constantly engaging field work keeps every day enjoyable. With no two jobs being exactly the same, there’s always room to grow and enjoy it every step of the way. The team works together well in improving as a group while also pushing for individual growth. I never doubt my value to the team and know that they are people I can always rely on.

-Josh Myers

Operations Manager

Working at VacuuPro has been a really great experience for me. I love having something to challenge me every day, figure it out and then put it all together. Getting to consistently see my work from the beginning stages in a newly framed home to the end where we present the homeowners with their new equipment is a really satisfying thing for me. VacuuPro has also been amazing in maintaining a work/life balance for us. Plenty of companies claim to treat you “like family” but they really do care about everyone on staff. Work never feels like a miserable thing I have to drag myself to everyday. Also, having an employer who understands that life happens and works with us to accommodate the unexpected things that can pop up for us honestly makes me push to give them my best work in return.

This got a little long but in short, VacuuPro is easily the best place I have worked for all around!

 Brian Baker

Lead Installer

As a mom of two, VacuuPro has given me an amazing opportunity to add value and make a difference while still keeping my family first. I can do my best work because I know that every aspect of this company is built on trust, loyalty, and delivering quality results.

Rebekah Moore

Systems and Processes Director