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Josh was polite, very personable, answered all of my questions. He did a great job.

Noell W.


Just a quick note to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with your customer service for our in-house vac. Sandi and Josh were a pleasure to work with through this process. Sandi’s patience was remarkable as I worked through discussing the problem and trying to find the system number. She followed up as necessary to let me know what would happen next and when to expect it. Josh picked up the piece for the repair when Sandi said he would, and today he delivered it.

Customer service is something you all excel at – individually and as a team. Thank you!

Mary M.


Josh was very polite, extremely helpful and did an excellent job explaining how to use the central vac. This is my first time using a central vacuum. I am thankful for his experience and help.

Susan H.


I am extremely impressed with Josh taking the time to recreate the problem with the Q200 powerhead. While Josh was there a piece fell out of the neck in the powerhead. The problem didn’t present itself right away. It seemed the machine had to run a while before the issue occurred. As long as I was going in a straight line, there wasn’t an issue. The issue was when turning to the left or the right when it would shut off. Thank you for making time to investigate and solve my problem.



I just relocated from Colorado. The techs were great with making me feel at home and providing the tools I requested out of the realm of their normal duties. The techs went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for your professionalism – VacuuPro gets a five star rating from me.

Jane C.


I have to praise the good work completed for me. The team is very courteous and pleasant each time I have called. When I asked how to purchase replacement bags, the team helped place the order and made a speedy turnaround service.

Suzanne Z.


I would give a 5 star rating for the efficient job the team performed. I have never had the red carpet experience as was shown to me by VacuuPro. They came in , put down the carpet, made a mess, then promptly cleaned it all up when the job was completed. Everyone was so professional and polite. I am very satisfied with all of the work.

Nancy M.


This system is different from the last vacuum I owned. Brian was very informative, knowledgeable and polite.

Sandra P.


JOSH IS WONDERFUL! We had an issue with our powerhead. Josh was able to schedule us in the next day. The prompt service appointment was appreciated and extremely helpful.

Cindy G.


Josh and Brian were super flexible. My work schedule made it a bit difficult to coordinate an available time. Brian went above and beyond. He came out to my home, picked up the parts for repair and brought them back to complete the job.

Solomon B.