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These practical solutions are the easiest and fastest way to keep your living space spotless, especially in high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages, without the whole production of dragging out a heavy portable vacuum.

Now that’s the Smartest Way To Vacuum!

Built-In Vacuum System in Garage | VacuuPro

Sustainable Solutions that are Win / Win

With growing societal and environmental concerns, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the Smart Zone Vacuum System has an average life cycle of 20 years, 6-7 times greater than portable household vacuums, coupled with the best warranty in the industry, this means less trash in the landfill. You’ll feel good about sustainable solutions that help the environment and keep more money in your pocket at the same time.

What is a Built-In vacuum system, AKA Central vacuum system?

Over 60 years ago, the original central vacuum system was created and is still largely used today! A powerful machine with a collection bag or bucket is located in the basement or garage and PVC tubing is run through the walls, to strategically placed inlets throughout the home, in order to have full-coverage vacuuming. When you’re ready to start vacuuming, grab the vacuum handle, head, and hose, plug it into the inlet and go! When you’re finished in that area, unplug and move onto the next inlet. It’s that simple. This is now referred to as the “conventional” central vacuum system.


Say Goodbye To Dust Allergies

When you vacuum with a portable vacuum, dust particles and allergens are blown right back into the air through the vacuum’s exhaust. Even the most expensive vacuums with HEPA filters may not be sealed properly, leaving a cloud of irritating particles in the air and on nearby surfaces as you vacuum. A built-in vacuum system whisk’s 100% of the dirt, dust and allergens to a vacuum unit located outside the living area with no recirculating particles back into the air like traditional vacuums. Improved indoor air quality is a huge advantage for your entire family.

A clinical study (UC at Davis) on the impact of Built-in vacuum systems on people with dust allergies, showed that sleep, nasal symptoms, eye symptoms, and even emotions were all improved 40% to 61% when participants used a central vacuum system. The results are astounding and truly speak for themselves! That’s the Healthiest Way To Vacuum!

Wait! There’s MORE!

“Conventional” just got a whole lot better, stronger, quicker and more convenient! Taking an already convenient central vacuum system to another level! If you’re looking for an IMMACULATELY clean home at your fingertips, you’ve come to the right place.

 The VacuuPro Zones

Garage / Utility Zone

The quickest, easiest way to keep your garage spotless! The VacuuPro Garage/Utility Vac brings the convenience, power, and ease of a central vacuum retractable hose system straight to your garage.

Pull out the hose, vacuum the mess, and retract back in seconds! No tangled cords or tipped over shop vacs. We can make vacuuming your garage, and everything in it, quick and easy!

As a stand-alone system, this product is a great entry-level product to lead into the world of Built-in vacuuming! Quick, convenient, and affordable, having the Garage/Utility Vac in your work space keeps your projects and surfaces immaculately clean.

Already have a central vac system? The retractable Garage/Utility vac can be added to your existing built-in vacuum system.

 Speed Zones

Everyday and nuance vacuuming. For small messes that you don’t feel like dragging the vacuum out for but you want it cleaned up.

Kitchen / Bathroom

Keep the power of your built-in vacuum conveniently under your sink! The Vroom’s handle sits in an encased box, just waiting for action. With an 18’ or 22’ retractable hose, you’re able to take the vacuum to the mess. This accessory is great for spiders and other bugs too! Try sweeping out your kitchen drawers with a broom! This too can be stand-alone and is a great entry-level product to lead into the world of Built-in vacuuming! Quick, convenient, and affordable, having a Vroom under your sink keeps your kitchen and bathroom surfaces immaculately clean.

Laundry Room / Mud Room

This accessory lives in the wall with a retractable 15′ hose, like the Vroom so you can reach the whole room, plus some! It’s perfect for your laundry or mud room, picking up lint from your dryer filter, dirt and leaves tracked in through the back door, and kitty litter kicked out of the pan.


This automatic dustpan can be installed under a cabinet. Just turn it on with your foot and sweep away the dust and debris!

 Home Zone

Whole-house deep cleaning.

Whole House

This outfits your built-in vacuum system with a RETRACTABLE     30’, 40’, or 50’ hose. You no longer have to worry about where you’ll store your central vacuum system’s hose, since you just pull it out, vacuum, and retract it back in! There is no bulky hose to carry around!

The Chameleon hides the hose inside the vacuum tubing when not in use.

For powerful cleaning, just PULL, VACUUM and RETRACT!

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